Our story

Our Story

How it all started


My love for Bretzels stemmed from my childhood growing up in the Black Forest, Germany. I missed the German Bretzels so much that I started experimenting with the different recipes, and finally succeeded in re-creating the real German thing when I got help from my German baker cousin. I imported the specialised German machinery and rolled up my sleeves.

 The sweet Bretzel experiment


Zinzi – my daughter came back from Germany, explaining that her cousin Benedicta would fill her salty Bretzels with Nutella, this sparked the idea for a sweet Bretzel. Experimentation led to the creation of a new sweet vanilla dough Bretzel filled with hazelnut chocolate.

We still love coming up with new Bretzel flavours, so if you’ve got a tasty idea, we’d love to hear it!




These days we offer both the sweet vanilla Bretzels and the original savoury Bretzels with various fillings and toppings. Bretzel.biz still remains a specialty Bretzel producer, catering to big and small events, we wholesale to schools, restaurants and clubs, and retail at many shows, markets and festivals.

We attend 200+ events per year.