Our story

Our Story

How it all started


My love for Bretzels stemmed from my childhood growing up in the Black Forest, Germany. I missed the German Bretzels so much that I started experimenting with the different recipes, and finally succeeded in re-creating the real German thing when I got help from my German baker cousin. I imported the specialised German machinery and rolled up my sleeves.

“Exciting News @Bretzel.biz


As of 1st May 2018 Garrey Wynd and Michael Santagati have acquired Bretzel.biz, and will continue supplying your favourite hand rolled Bretzels through our traditional existing events, markets and locations, but with further plans to expand the footprint of the business and make Melbourne’s favourite Bretzels even more accessible for all to enjoy the tradition!


Myself and Les will  continue to operate as consultants in the business , maintaining a “watchful eye” and you’ll  still see us participating at various events, so drop in and say “hi”, we’d love to see you!


Both Garrey and Michael have extensive experience in Food Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing, coupled with a passion to grow the Bretzel.biz brand and product.


We all look forward to your continued support and promise to offer you our delicious Bretzels, as we have over the past 16 years.


Annette & Les Sullivan, Garrey Wynd and Michael Santagati

 The sweet Bretzel experiment


Zinzi – my daughter came back from Germany, explaining that her cousin Benedicta would fill her salty Bretzels with Nutella, this sparked the idea for a sweet Bretzel. Experimentation led to the creation of a new sweet vanilla dough Bretzel filled with hazelnut chocolate.

We still love coming up with new Bretzel flavours, so if you’ve got a tasty idea, we’d love to hear it!




These days we offer both the sweet vanilla Bretzels and the original savoury Bretzels with various fillings and toppings. Bretzel.biz still remains a specialty Bretzel producer, catering to big and small events, we wholesale to schools, restaurants and clubs, and retail at many shows, markets and festivals.

We attend 200+ events per year.