Bretzel bakery

Baking Bretzel perfection


Baking Bretzels is a fine and time consuming art. Each Bretzel is lovingly rolled by hand by our Bretzel bakers.

Our bakery is decked out with specialty Bretzel banking equipment imported from Germany as well as a standing oven that can bake 200 Bretzels at a time.

We are looking for new bakers keen to learn the craft of Bretzels, if this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

For hire


Need a space for experimentation without the risk?

Our bakery is available for casual or part-time hire.

We are happy to answer any queries, just click below.

Finding our bakery


25A Vernon St, South Kingsville VIC 3015

We open our bakery for retail sales when we are baking.

Please check our events calendar for our upcoming opening hours.